Tuesday 22 August Posters


N°1: (paper 111) Analysis of dynamic interactions in an oscillating bubble-particle system, Geoffrey Evans, University of Newcastle, Australia.

N°2: (paper 262) Taylor bubble formation and breakup dynamics in shear thinning liquids, Arnab Atta, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.

N°3: (paper 219) CFD-PBE simulations of gas-liquid flows in a bubble column with OpenFOAM, Qian Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

N°4: (paper 215) Development of a compact microbubble sizer, Tae Jin Min , Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea.

N°5: (paper 300) A Methodology to Investigate the Liquid-Gas Kinetics in Molten Nitrate Salt, Veronika Sötz, German Aerospace Center,Germany.

N°6: (paper 140) Alginate beads motion in a three-phase bubble column with foaming liquid, Gabriel Salierno, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

N°7: (paper 256) Extension of EMMS Model to Gas-liquid Stirred Tank, Xiaoping Guan, Chinese academy of Sciences, China.


N°8: (paper 223) CFD Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in Transfer Line , Ya Qin, SINOPEC, China.

N°9: (paper 78) Modeling and experimental studies of mass transfer in the cavity zone of a rotating packed bed, Guang-Wen Chu, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China.

N°10: (paper 13) Development of an Energy-Efficient High-Productivity Bioreactor, Adam Donaldson, Dalhaousie University, Canada.

N°11: (paper 252) Numerical Simulations of a Large-Scale Slurry Bubble Column Using Hybrid RANS-LES and DSMC Methods, Maxim Masterov, TU Delft, The Netherlands.

N°12: (paper 41) The Comparative Analysis of Gas Holdup in Cold and Thermal State Gas-Liquid-Solid Bubble Columns with Elevated Pressure, Guangxiang He, China University of Petroleum, China.

N°13: (paper 134) Industrial application of the multi-stage airlift reactor for PODEn synthesis, Tiefeng Wang, Tsinghua University, China.

N°14: (paper 32) Expansion of beds of industrial biomass wastes in conical spouted beds, Maria Jose San Jose, Universidad del País Vasco, Spain.

N°15: (paper 29) Gas Holdup and Hydrodynamic Flow Regime Transition in Bubble Column , Lee DongHyun, Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea.

N°16: (paper 107) Free-surface aeration in a stirred bioreactor: comparison between CFD and local experiments, Anne de Lamotte, University of Liège, Belgium.

N°17: (paper 283) Effect of La on Ni-Cu Bimetallic Catalysts for Anisole Hydrodeoxygenation in a Novel Externally Agitated Reactor, Dominic Pjontek, The University of Western Ontario, Canada.


N°18: (paper 31) Gas-liquid Flow through Chimney and Bubble-cap Distributors, Ekta Jain, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.

N°19: (paper 77) Use of Ozone/Enriched Oxygen for Process Intensification in the Manufacture of Nitric Acid: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, Jyestharaj Joshi, Homi Bhabha National Institute, India.